Subcontractor Forms

SubcontractorsJohn G. Johnson works closely with only the best subcontractors and vendors that have proven reputations as master-builders and skilled craftsman in their specialty trade. Whether it is a new relationship or one we have had for many years, our subcontractors are efficient, safety minded, and responsible business people in the construction industry.

JGJ is community minded and strives to work with quality local DBE construction subcontractors and suppliers. Many of our contracts seek MBE, FBE, and Small Business participation. We are continuously pursuing responsible, skilled and safety minded DBE firms to become Team members.

If you are interested in working with our Team and becoming a prequalified subcontractor or supplier, please complete the prequalification form below and submit the form to our Estimating Department.

Effective immediately, please email all invoices and pay applications to 



JGJ Subcontractor & Supplier Prequalification Form
US Department of Labor Wage & Hour Payroll Reporting Form
CMHA Affidavit of Contractor
CMHA Standard Partial Affidavit & Waiver ciac10a Form
CMHA Standard Final Affidavit & Waiver ciac10b Form
JGJ EEO Policy
JGJ Weapon-Free Policy
JGJ Sexual Harassment Policy
Exhibit C - JGJ Conditional Waiver
Exhibit D - JGJ Final Waiver
Exhibit E - Labor Rate

JGJ Sample ACORD Insurance Certificates
JGJ Submittal Stamp Sheet
Subcontractor Information Sheet

JGJ uses a dedicated team approach that is always proactive to assist the Owner and Architect in making the construction process efficient and economical.

– Bob Braun,
Division Director of Facilities Operations, Wingspan Care Group, Bellefaire JCB