Development and Preconstruction Phase Services

The Development Phase Service is an independent service offering where our Preconstruction Team of Estimators and Project Managers work together with you and your design Team to provide a comprehensive overview of your project at the schematic or development phases of design. This service includes the development of budgets, overall constructability is reviewed, cost of materials and installation options are checked, potential cost savings are presented and discussed, project milestone schedules and project site safety plans are developed and a cash flow projection is provided. Our Team finishes the process by presenting a comprehensive review of the probable cost, schedule and anticipated risk factors to you and your Team in a manner that meets your requirements.

Development Phase Services

  • Budget Development
  • Constructability Review
  • Material and Method Cost Review
  • Cost Saving Review
  • Phasing & Construction Schedule Strategy
  • Construction Site/Safety Logistics
  • Cash Flow Projection

The Preconstruction Phase Service is a continuation of the Development Phase where our Preconstruction Team of Estimator’s and Project Manager’s work together with you and your design Team to provide hard bid project costs in a competitive bidding environment. This service includes Identification of the Scope of Work, the creation of comprehensive Bid Packages, Qualification and Solicitation of Contractors and Suppliers, Tabulation and Presentation of the Cost Estimate to your Project Team.

Preconstruction Phase Services

  • Scope of Work Identification
  • Bid Package Development
  • Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification
  • Bid Solicitation and Tabulation
  • Probable Cost Estimate Presentation

Our ultimate goal in both the Development Phase and the Preconstruction Phase Services is to meet your project at its appropriate stage and to maximize value in the project by focusing on Budget, Schedule, Cost-Savings and to minimize known risk factors that will affect the project outcome. Thereby, saving you time and money before construction documents and investment decisions are finalized.