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Three Tips for Owners of Construction Projects

March 19, 2019

Whether this is your first time taking on a construction project for your business, or you have been involved with multiple renovations, additions or new builds, there are some important considerations to take into account before construction begins. Here are some top tips to help Owners avoid common pitfalls and have a positive construction project experience. 

1. Plan the Details

The first step for any Owner on a construction project should be developing a clear plan for the building and project requirements.

  • Is there a time-sensitive date that the building needs to be completed by?
  • What is the budget for the construction project?
  • Are funds already secured or is fundraising necessary?
  • How will end-users utilize the space?

Before any qualifications or hard bids are solicited, establish the details before any project activity begins. The more time spent on even the smallest of details in the planning stages will help prevent cost overruns in the end and provide a roadmap for your project team. Plan as much as possible prior to starting a project. BUT even with the best of planning, there can always be unforeseen circumstances that arise.


2. Prioritize 

Identify the most critical requirements for your construction project by answering these questions. 

  • Are quality and aesthetic design most important to meet your building goals?
  • Are affordable and cost-saving alternatives more important to meet your project budget?
  • Is there an urgent deadline your building must be open by that cannot be adjusted?

You may have heard the saying that applies to a variety of products and services, including construction - "Good, fast, or cheap... you can pick any two of the three, but not all three."  Determining these essential project objectives could be crucial to the quality and lasting financial decisions for your organization. Carefully consider and prioritize your project requirements. 


3. Trust the Process

Choose a construction partner and team that will be considerate of your occupants, particularly during occupied-building renovation projects. Ideally, disruptions should be kept to a minimum. Adjustments will need to be made during construction, such as a new temporary access or swing space. These modifications are made to protect the occupants, contractors and visitors, as well as allow for easy accessibility for things like equipment or building materials. While it can be a minor inconvenience during construction, it will pay off in the long run with a quality space that better serves your needs. Select a partner that is able to work with your team to plan and coordinate daily building activities to minimize impact, and can consistently communicate construction progress. An experienced Construction Manager will work with you throughout the duration of the project and process to ensure you achieve your building requirements and address any issues that may arise. Take time to appreciate the process of creating something new that will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Contributed By: Jason Anderson, Superintendent 


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