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JGJ Conducts Concrete Experiment with Students

JGJ Conducts Concrete Experiment with Students

December 20, 2017

As part of the new Harbor Verandas Apartments and Mixed-Use project, in which JGJ is serving as the Design-Builder, we have created a monthly education program for students at MC2 STEM High School, located in the bottom of Great Lakes Science Center, to learn hands-on about the construction project happening next door at North Coast Harbor. Each month, members of the Owner / Architect / Contractor team lead an interactive day of learning for the 9th grade students featuring a different component of the Harbor Verandas building project.


Dick Pace, Owner and Developer of Cumberland Development and the Harbor Verandas, led a Master Planning Walking Tour around North Coast Harbor in which students offered design suggestions and visions of how they viewed the future development of North Coast Harbor.


In December, JGJ conducted an experiment with students where they learned the formula for creating concrete and participated in mixing the concrete themselves! A special thank you to Cleveland Cement, PSI / Intertek, and Tech Ready Mix, Inc. for their expertise, skills and participation in the student mixing experiment session. Each class of students learned about the concrete design used for the Harbor Verandas project, different building systems, the economics of building systems and the components of concrete design. The classes were then tasked with coming up with the proper proportion formula to create the perfect batch and appropriate strength of concrete. After the concrete test cylinders cure, students will then get to learn about testing the strength of the concrete. 


We look forward to our next interactive day of learning with students at MC2 STEM later this month when the Architect of Record for the Harbor Verandas project, Dimit Architects, leads an interactive architectural design charette.