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JGJ Celebrates National Worship of Tools Day

March 11, 2019

Today marks National Worship of Tools Day and what a better way to celebrate than to learn about some of our employee's favorite and most useful tools that they just couldn't live without, both on and off the job!

 I use it pretty much everyday for my job, like putting together this custom display case.
          -Greg Nosse, Superintendent and Journeyman Carpenter 



My most useful tool is my bulldozer, and my son’s favorite. I use it on my property for all my big projects, from digging ponds, to cutting in driveways and clearing trees.

          -Jeremy Kuhar, Estimator and Journeyman Carpenter



Realizing that I’m not a field employee and so I don’t spend my work hours in the tool world but thought I would share as it does hold a special place in my heart and fond memories. This hammer was given to me by my grandfather George Garvey, who owned and operated Garvey Pattern in South Bend, IN.  As a child he would take me and my older brother to the shop and we would build fun projects together (birdhouses, toy boats, toy chests, furniture, etc).  These were great memories for me and my brother.  To this day when I use this hammer I can remember the smell of the shop and the smile on his face watching us work.  My grandfather was a master carpenter and while I did not inherit his God given abilities for woodworking, I did inherit his love for working with others and teaching.  Good memories!

          -Tom Garvey, Director of Development


Nail Puller Pliers

My most useful tool -- nail puller pliers. My husband and I were renovating our 90+ year old home and had to take off all the quarter round moulding. These were extraordinarily helpful when trying to maneuver in tight corners and odd places to get nails out, and gently remove the quarter round without damaging the baseboards. Using a hammer to pull nails could only get us so far and this tool was a lifesaver and major timesaver!
          -Jess Kern, Marketing Manager


Kreg Jig

The most useful tool to me is a kreg jig. It makes pocket holes to join two pieces of wood together. It makes it a faster, easier and cleaner process.

          -Chris Brown, Superintendent and Journeyman Carpenter


Here is to all the tools that make everyday better, on construction job sites and in our personal lives! Happy National Worship of Tools Day!