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Employee Spotlight: Marty Weber

Employee Spotlight: Marty Weber

August 20, 2019

Get to know JGJ's President and Visionary, Marty Weber. Marty grew up in the business and spent his summers as a teenager working at JGJ as a laborer, mostly cleaning and sweeping up buildings. After earning his Bachelor's degree at Ohio University, he returned to Northeast Ohio and officially joined the team on August 5, 1991. This month, we are sharing some of Marty's story as we celebrate his 28 (official) years of service with the company and enter this next chapter of growth for the company.


Why did you want to join the JGJ team? I joined JGJ in 1991 due to necessity. I needed work experience and the company (my Uncle and Father) needed someone to figure out how to use their one computer that was in the accounting office. The arrangement was temporary but turned into something way bigger. You never know where "yes" combined with diligence will take you! 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I love spending time with my wife, Lisa, and my boys, Adler, Reece and Martin and sailing on our boat, Venture. 


How do you explain your job to a child? I own a business that has a lot of really smart people that build really cool buildings for other people that want to grow their businesses or have nicer places to live. 


What has been your favorite concert experience? James Taylor in Paris, France in May of 1988. The backup singer was from Cleveland and came down to meet us after the concert. We were in the 2nd row of about a 200 person venue and went to the concert on a whim. 


What words do you live by? I try to live by, "Treat others the way you want to be treated," and "Be slow to speak and quick to listen." I don't always hit the mark but they are my target. 


What must you see or do in Cleveland? Take Lolly the Trolley to visit the Cleveland Museum of ArtThe trolley tour is informative and would make most Clevelanders proud. The art museum is an amazing way to spend an afternoon; it is world class and it's free!