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Best Practices in CM at Risk and Design-Build Delivery

Best Practices in CM at Risk and Design-Build Delivery

March 1, 2019  |  Marty Weber Featured Panelist at Frantz Ward Construction Group Event

President of John G. Johnson Construction, Marty Weber, was recently featured as a panelist during the Best Practices in CM at Risk and Design/Build Delivery Methods - Advice from the Trenches Seminar hosted by Frantz Ward. 

As more public and private entities move towards utilizing a Construction Manager at Risk or Design/Build delivery method, there are best practices to consider to ensure a successful project. 

Team Approach

Communication is key for every building project. The Construction Manager at Risk and Design/Build delivery methods enable the entire team to be engaged from the initial onset of the project. The project stakeholders, owner, architect and builder can discuss the project goals, budget, requirements and design while working together to address and identify concerns and solutions as a team. The collaborative approach helps to onboard and engage key team members who will play pivotal roles throughout the duration of the building project. 


What is the owner's performance specification and goals?  What is included or excluded from the cost of work? How will end-users function in the space? Each project stakeholder has important goals and objectives to achieve a successful project. Clearly identifying the project objectives as a team early on in the process helps to avoid common pitfalls, reduces risk and outlines team deliverables.  


Plans can change as a building project develops. Whether it is modifications to the design, scope of the work, or budget adjustments, it is critical to document any changes or new developments. The complexity and level of detail that go into a Construction Manager at Risk or Design/Build project requires clear, consistent and documented communications with all parties.

There are several factors that contribute to a successful CM at Risk or Design/Build project. By taking a team-approach from the initial project kickoff, developing clear project objectives, and documenting details, you can implement some best practices to ensure that the project is built to the agreed-upon requirements.


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